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monica. she arrived in los angeles a few hours later. the f.a.a. is investigating. >>> a jail lock down from case of tuberculosis was lifted. they locked down a section of the facility in redwood city to prevent a possible spread of the illness. two inmates were dying -- diagnosed with active cases of tb. the couple with over crowding conditions housed new inmates. the women who were infected were isolated and taken to an outside medical facility for treatment. >>> a saddening to the search for a retired san francisco firefighter who disappeared during a train trip to canada. the body of charlie dowd was found in nebraska. the san mateo man was traveling cross country to visit family when he vanished. amtrak officials believe he may have fallen from the train. his family is devastated, but they are grateful for the many prayers and support they received during their search. >>> a mu rine county man died in a bizarre climbing accident in utah. he lived in novato and he is a retired neurosurgeon at ucsf. he died on tuesday repelling down a canyon at zion national park. it was a trip on hi
attorney's office says there was insufficient evidence to prove the use of force was illegal. a los angeles judge ruled today that california's ban on flaw graw is to remain in place. they say the law banning the pours feeding of ducks and geese to enlarge is too vague and interferes with interstate commerce. a series of abc7 news i-team investigations lead to the ban that went into affect on july 1st. well, after nearly four hours hanging 300 feet in the air, stranded riders are free and back on the ground tonight. it happened at knot berry farm in orange county on a ride called the wind seeker. for the second time in 12 days by the way the ride malfunctioned and they dangled there hundreds of feet in the air. engineers lowered the ride and got the 20 people off safely. no harm, no foul. now, let's go over to meteorologist sandhya patel for a first check on weather and the conditions outside right now, sandhya. >> let's check out live doppler 7hd, and there is limited cloud cover for a change. the clouds are slow to return, so just a few patches out there. as we check out those temperature
today, and that also provided record heat to fresno. 106 today and also los angeles was a record high of 100 degrees today. we have a trough developing offshore, and this is going to be a key player in our forecast starting on sunday. cooling trend, and it runs right on through tuesday as the wind flows more off the ocean coming in toward the land. that ridge of high pressure will continue to weaken. today's high temperatures were down by a few degrees by the way except at the coastline. tomorrow morning they are coming down on the cool side. you might wan. bundle up. 49 in santa rosa, and 69 in antioch. most other areas in the 50s. the fog will start off the morning at 5:00 a.m. it is with us for a little bit. the first couple hours of the morning. and then pulls away. most of the bay area will enjoy sunshine. it is mild to warm weather. 90s inland. 60s coast side. it is going to be a wide range once again. our summertime microclimates. here are your highs. bay ines in tt san jose, cupertino, los gatos, 85. 76 in redwood city and 80 in loss altos. coastal areas in the low 60s. fog pu
the 405 freeway in los angeles is now fully contained. the 90-acre fire broke out friday afternoon. it raced through dry brush and steep terrain and came close to the get tees center art museum. about 150 firefighters battled the flames and water-dropping helicopters played a big role in beating back the fire. the crews are still on the scene tonight watching for any flare ups. there were no injuries and no structures burned. >>> still to come, more tension in the middle east. three attacks in three days in afghanistan, and tonight more concerns on u.s. embassies overseas. >> the reno air race wraps up. the new rules to make fans safer. >> and in you austerity measures? what governor jerry brown says he will do if his tax plan doesn't pass in november and what he is doing right now. jay we have low clouds and fog pushing in through the golden gate and through the bay. looks like a cooler weather pattern for the first part of the workweek. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introduci
. this is a big deal. >>reporter: now endeavor final destination is los angeles where it will be put on display at the california flying snivrment fog delayed the shuttle visit by an hour or so. meteorologist sandy is looking ahead to the conditions at fly over time. >> i am so excited i'll tell use i'm so excited. tonight the fog low clouds have not returned. there are changes in the weather which will make for ideal conditions tomorrow morning so that fly over mostly clear skies over the state capitol as it makes its way towards the golden gate bridge. clearing there near the golden gate bridge. only patchy low cloud expected clear view as the shuttle endeavor heads towards moffitt field. so it is looks like a picture perfect setting. don't forget to tweet us at this site and of course we have change weae weekend the weekend not only the seasons we are talking about the weather pattern. back with all the details. >> see you then. >> another highly anticipated arrival just under nine hours to go if the i-phone 5 will be available to customers. this doesn't mean apple fans are waiting un
doppler 7hd. we have had strong thunderstorms moving through southern california and los angeles and you of these are some of these are winding down. oceanside getting some moderate rain there. and in terms of the forecast for southern california, we will keep a chance. there will be more isolated thunderstorms. 80 degrees for san diego. los angeles will heat up to 85, 98 palm springs and maybe an isolated thunderstorm there. 96 for fresno and 75 for lake tahoe. elsewhere across the country, mild temperatures, almost it fall-like for chicago. enjoy some sunshine and 74. dc77. 94 for dallas and, -- and we will look for light rain. a little change temperature wise tomorrow, and get ready for gradual warming as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday with 90s inland and 80s around the bay and 60s at td week. have a good week. >> thank you, leigh. >>> niners too had and raiders tomorrow. >> that's right. the raiders kick off their season on monday night football as they host the chargers at the black hole. quarterback carson palmer >>> the raiders and monday night football go together, t
.t above the smoke could be seen from many parts of the los angeles basin where people reported falling ash. >>> and a helicopter was damaged during a routine water drop over the north pacifier. this is youtube video of the fire burning in a rug get area of mendocino according to the forest service, they hit a dead tree while operating under smoky conditions. no one was hurt. the blaze burning since august 18th has charred more than 41,000 acres. seven homes and nine buildings have been destroyed and tonight it is 58% con intayed. >>> -- contained. >>> a man who sliped off a cliff in san francisco was recovered. it happened around 6:30 near the cliff house restaurant. emergency responders found the man trapped on slippery rocks. it took a half an hour to find him and hoist him to safety. the man did not appear to be badly hurt as rescuers loaded him on to a truck and ambulance. no word on his condition. >>> still to come, vandals strike again in oakland. the memorial that has been ruined for a third time. plus, just in time for labor day, the ban on booze on a popular california river. and
you know the way to san jose" and "say aittle prayer." >> a special blessing in los angeles, the blessing of the pets at the san gabriel mission. hundreds turn out to have their dogs, cats, and horse blessed by the priest. the mission is celebrating its 241st birthday this year. >> and just ahead, it was once just for white house insiders. now you can test the test the ps favorite brew at hem. the recipe just released today. >> the revolution brewing in the local beer business. we'll show you what is on tap at bay area brew riz. >> leigh: we'll also take a loot out our highs for tomorrow. plus, if you're traveling across the state, we'll >> alan: the white house caused buzz by rereleasing the recipe of president obama's favorite home brews. >> the president, inspired by brewers around the country wanted to try this out. >> alan: ale to the chief. white house chef is sharing the secrets for making the honey ale and honey porter, both made using honey harvested from the white house beehive. if you want to brew your own white house beer, go to, search under ale to the
expecting scattered thunderstorms. if you're playing to los angeles no problem getting there, but maybe a thunderstorm or two. 84. 99 in palm springses. sacramento. 88. we told your earlier that long with the severe weather in the eastern seaboard states, that kicks out and a touch of fall settles down as a cooler air mass settleles over chicago. look for sunshine. dallas, 89, 86, denver, a chance of an afternoon shower, and seattle will see a little light rain there tomorrow, 64. here in the bay area, this is how you can plan your day tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s. by lunchtime, look for sunshine, 70s inland, the bay warming into the mid-60s and then the sea breeze will move in, so a cooler afternoon tomorrow as the breeze will be with us. day jim -- daytime highs low to mid-80s. a cool day tomorrow and then heat up tuesday, wednesday, thursday. and that time frame temperatures inland will warm back into the mid-to-low 90s and 80s around the bay. >> ama: thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports and the 49ers cake off the season. >> mike: that's right in green bay, and a b
started yesterday in the san gabriel mountains about fan miles northeast of do you want los angeles. the rugged steep terrain make this is fire very difficult to manage and quetta handle on. national forest service is using air tanker and 6 helicopter to control the flames by air as best as they can. 700 firefighters on the scene working it from the ground. expire san gabriel canyon evacuated with is structures threatening many. more than 600 ache versus burn soer. ther fire is only 5 percent contained at this point and officials expect another week before they get it under control. mean time grassin coc0 acres in the hills between pittsburgh and conco and concors evening. smoke drifted into pittsburgh. with the help of 3 air tanker and helicopters true contain the fire at 7:30 tonight. they are still on the scene this evening. no structures are threatened. nobody was injured. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> california democratic party chairman burton is poll jaysing for an inflammatory remark he made about republicans at the democratic national co
of oakland but major league baseball will not authorize a move to san jose. meanwhile los angeles is gunning for an nfl team. it's already proposing the construction of a new stadium. fichlt. [applause]. >>reporter: cap mayor kwan trust raiders owner davis not to the leave for la? >> you have to listen to mark davis. he says he wants to stay in the bay area. >>reporter: but kwan knows what it really takes. she recently announced a newnouncede hotel and allping all link to the bart and airport connect or. but it all comes down to one thing. >> want to make more money bottom line they make more minithrough luxury suite club seating corporatehip that's the name of the game these days. >>reporter: whole week of events and activities to support the a and raiders including a pep relevanty with leif music led by the mayor held on wednesday from noon to one. reporting live in oaklan oakland, 7 news. >> thank you. first time fans of tonight rai raider game to pass through a metal detector before entering the coliseum. new level of security is now at all football stadiums nationwide as part
is transporting the space shuttle endeavor from florida's kennedy space center to a museum in los angeles, its new permanent home. and durin journey, the endeavor will do low-level fly officers past urban areas across the country. on thursday, september 20th, the shuttle will pass over moffet field and and it will also go over san francisco and other cities in the state as well. stay tuned for the details of the exact time the fly officers will take place. we will let you know so you can step outside. it is strange to see it on top of the building. >> what's going on? the shuttle. >> it is huge. it is massive. >>> sports. >> i am easily entertained. where would the giants be without marco scootero. don't even think about that. they w place. mr. clutch does it again against the dodgers. sports is next. >>> good evening. how do you spell clutch some cs-c-u-t-o-r-o. they are opening a huge series with a victory on orange friday at at&t park. sold out as always. dodgers get to tim lincecum and it is a bobble and they get kemp at first. giants tied it and a base knock off beckett and in comes crawford.
including los angeles hold bisexual pride events, but berkeley is the first city to proclaim a day recognizing bisexual people. >>> coming up, the dog rescue from half a world away. how 12 strays found their way into the arms of new owners in the bay area. >> and pink slips going out to thousands of workers a the a major airline. but it is not all bad news in the job market. >> and it is looking a lot like winter. where we found these people breaking outrs?x?xpcs6 [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work, errands, a greasy bag of deep-fried easy. ♪ fortunately with hamburger helper's 40 varieties a home-cooked meal is never out of reach. hamburger helper. help is on the way. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. it through customs in san francisco. ordinarily that would not make news, but these particular passengers are grabbing some headlines. y
ma category. reporting live in los angeles, abc7 news. ama, back to you. >> brandy, i have to be honest, i love looking at the trash mags after the awards and seeing what everybody wore on the red carpet. there is usually a color or fabric everybody wears. what was the theme on the red carpet tonight? >> bright yellow. i don't know if you saw julianne moore's dress, but bright, bright yellow. we saw a lot of sequence. sophia vergara was sexy and beautiful in the bright colors with sequence and even whites out there. there were quite a few show stoppers i have to say. >> i think she gets talked about a lot. have a good night. >>> the 49ers did not win an emmy for their performance today. >> they did not. but the raiders get their first victory of the year on a last-minute field goal. and the 49ers are bullied in th >>> the 49ers play smash mouth football in all phases of the game. the vikings threw the niners around like a rag doll giving them their first loss of the season. smith was scrambling all day, disrupting his timing. he says hello to mr. smith. 13 tackles and two s
it can help couple choose the gender of the children. fertility institute has clinic in both los angeles and new york and it's making sure people over sea understand technology that allow doctors detect abnormal in embryo and gender selection. fertility institute partner now with travel agents to help arrange visa and hotel and director says parents from china and india specifically tend to want male children. rest of the world slightly favor having baby girls. gender selection is illegal in many parts of the world. >>> president is in new york tonight getting ready to address the united nations tomorrow but earlier today he and mrs. obama sat down with the women of the view. barbara walters asked if mr. s obama might one day want to run for office. >> well but what are you going to do the rest of your life. >> well, first 0things first here. we do have an election ahead. plus applause i have got all kind of things i want to do in second term. i love teaching. i miss teaching. snoom you can catch the entire interview with the president and mrs. obama on the view tomorrow at 10. by
rites in the arab world is in jail today. the man was driven from u.s. district court in los angeles after a judge ruled him a flight risk. 55-year-old man was arrested earlier today for probation violation in 2010 bank fraud case. >> at public hearing tonight the san francisco city college board of trustee explained its 14.action plan for keeping the college open. it includes hiring new financial watch dog laying off faculty, closing or leasing some of the properties and refocusing on basic course work. state community college commission has given city college until march 15 to turn things around. >> we are trending warmer. sandy is here with the first check on the weather. >> yes. >> we'll get to you in a secon second. hang on we are coming to you. >> check out live doppler 7 hd we have fog out there. and that fog is already dropping partinterest around parts of the bay area. monterey bay just over a mile. if we could good to doppler we show you half moon bay with visibility -- i'll toss it back to you. apparently they are having problems. >> if all right. we'll talk about t
appearance in the bay area. but she will spend the weekend here. monday she leaves for los angeles and then back to burma. abc news. >>> protests in spain and portugal turned violent today. tens of thousands demonstrated against uh strair tee measures -- austerity measures. they clashed with fot police for the third time in less than a week. >>> in southern california work crews have less than 30 hours to finish a major construction project that closed down a part of a major freeway. so far officials say karma ged done -- carmagedon2 is on schedule. this is the 405 freeway near the sepulveda pass. it is expected to reopen by 5:00 a.m. on monday. and you can now have an energy plant in your own backyard. all you need is one of these. it is a solar tree made by made. the solar tree is connected to your electric grid. you can earn energy credits while enjoying the shade. it is a smaller alternative to the roof. they are targeting the electric car owners with a solar tree that has charging stations. and today was a good day to put out your solar tree. >> that's right. tomorrow is a gre
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